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The Greatness University Private Group
Kenny Weiss

The Greatness University Private Group

Your Journey From Emotional Misery to Emotional Mastery

About Me

Your Home For Your Emotional Mastery Journey.

The Perfectly Imperfect Private Group Has Finally Arrived! 

Would you like the knowledge, skills, tools, guidance, support, and a proven process to help you heal and recover from a traumatic childhood, codependency, narcissistic abuse, anxiety, depression, self-sabotage, low self-love, addictions, or trauma?
Would you like to transform your toxic relationship patterns into loving, connected, intimate, safe, and healthy relationships?  

Would you like to forgive yourself for your perfect imperfections? Learn to love and accept them by mastering your emotions so you can see your life from a new perspective and rediscover your authentic self?

Are you ready to achieve personal power, freedom, and fulfillment in your life? To live, love, and thrive alongside a group of like-minded perfectly imperfect people free from the fears of being judged or feeling inadequate?

I am certain you want all of this and more! And that is what you will get in The Perfectly Imperfect Private Group! 

So let's start taking the Journey together. I look forward to meeting you inside. 


What You Get As A Member

A proven process and method of teaching that has helped thousands of others achieve their goals and dreams. 

24-hour access to post questions and get personal responses from Kenny

…well ok, not 24 hours, I do sleep ;-) When I am awake and between clients, I always check the group to be there for you as soon as possible.

Twice a month, Live coaching directly from Kenny. 

Let me guide you to the results you deserve. During each of the two monthly group coaching sessions, I call on each member individually and coach them directly. You are NOT required to share. Many times members are doing so well that they just come to listen and learn from others and support them. 

Exclusive Content

Only members get access to workshops and teachings I do not provide anywhere else.


Studies show that the most beneficial way for us to grow is in a group environment.


No one should have to take the emotional mastery journey alone. We need connection, intimacy, and support. You will find a group filled with kind, loving, supportive members who will celebrate your joining. Many members have become experts along the Journey, and they will make great accountability partners and friends for you.


All members enjoy exclusive discounts to masterclasses, events, and other products that I don't provide anywhere else. 


What is shared in the group stays in the group. Any disrespectful member will be lovingly approached and, if needed, no longer allowed to participate.

How Much Is It To Join? 

Normally $199 a month 

for a limited time and a limited number of people, you can join for 

ONLY $127 A Month!



What days and times are the Group Coaching- The 2nd and 4th Monday nights of each month at 5 PM Arizona Time.

What time zone is Arizona? Arizona does not follow daylight savings and, therefore, alternates between time zones. It is suggested you confirm the time difference works for you.

How Many Members are in the group? The group never has more than 20 members. In general, 3-7 members show up for each live coaching session, which guarantees you get plenty of time to ask Kenny questions. 

Are the Live Group Coaching sessions recorded? YES, this is a huge benefit because it allows you to go back and re-live your insights and discoveries and integrate the knowledge, skills, and tools more quickly and easily!  

Do I have to talk, or can I just listen? No, you don't. You are welcome to only observe. Many people find that they learn the most by observing others being coached through the same difficulties.

Is the group private? Yes, it is a membership-only group. Therefore all conversations and posts are confidential.

What sort of things do people share when they post? Because everyone feels so safe, vulnerability is accepted, appreciated, normal, and flows easily. 

New things scare me. Is this hard to use? I'm not too fond of technology myself, which is why I picked the easiest of all platforms I could find. It is basically just like Facebook but easier to use and better.  

If something comes up, can I quit and rejoin? Of course. If you need to take a break or if you want to cancel your subscription for any reason, you are welcome to do so. You must cancel your subscription before the next automatic payment. If you fail to do so, your payment will not be refunded. To cancel, just go to your personal profile and your payment settings and turn off your automatic payment. 

About Me

Hi, I'm Kenny, and I am here to help you!

My innovative Emotional Mastery coaching and programs will transform the pain from your past by providing you with a proven process to love and accept your perfect imperfections and reclaim your authentic self. 

I will guide and support your healing and recovery from trauma, an imperfect childhood, enmeshment, codependence, stress, fear, anxiety, and depression. But that is not all. 

I will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to live in complete self-love so you can stop your self-sabotage, making it easy to put an end to people-pleasing and the inability to say no.

I believe you deserve to feel safe in your skin again. To have healthy relationships with yourself and others; to be loved unconditionally without fear of abandonment or rejection.

To feel happy and find peace within yourself so that you can live life on your terms without being controlled by someone else's agenda or expectations for who they want you to be.

You deserve effective help - not just another person telling you what they think about what's going on in your life but showing you HOW to change it. 

Let me show you how it feels when someone truly cares about who YOU are!

I'll be there every step of the way - holding your hand along your journey to rediscovering your authentic self and loving your perfect imperfections.

Bring the color back into your life. 

Let's start our Journey together TODAY!

What Others Are Saying About Their Experience:

Kenny’s coaching is like therapy on steroids. 
I have been to so many different CBTs, talk therapists, hypnotherapists, etc., and his system doesn’t even compare. 
Instead of just talking about the issue at hand, Kenny will help you find the root of your feelings and situation to create true change. 
Of course, he will listen to you too, but he will give you the tools to make lasting changes, unlike others. 
When I first started with Kenny, I was in extreme depression and contemplating suicide. Kenny was able to help me understand my thoughts, detach from them, and ask me the hard questions to determine what I truly needed and wanted. 
Kenny has been life-changing for me, and I know he will be for you too.

“You don’t have to face yourself alone.” 
Kenny Weiss is the only one who has truly shown me my imperfections in a kind and gentle manner. 
When no one could help me out of the pit, Kenny helped me... helped me see that when I do the work, I find the real value and hope in myself.

Kenny Weiss is ... THE best. 
Every time I leave a session, I feel like I have the tools I need to get to the next level and feel my best. 
I always feel comfortable and know that I am in good hands. 
I have referred patients and friends to them, and they all absolutely love him as well.
Dr. Bethania Noronha

I’ve been working with Kenny now for a few years, and it’s been one of the best decisions in my life. 
He has and continues to help me realize my true potential and has helped with the biggest decisions of my life. 
So I would recommend him to anyone that wants to realize their greatness or get more from life, be it their career or relationship.

You are worth it. 

It's finally YOUR turn to be Great?

The Greatness University Private Group is your home for your emotional mastery journey. 

Guiding and supporting you to transform your perfect imperfections into the greatest version of yourself!

Join Today!